The Eugene Family

Meet The Eugene Family

Daria Eugene

Daria considers herself a jack of all trades and a master of none – indeed she gets involved in anything her hands tell her to – from decorating and design, choir leading and song writing – to gardening, fishing, and cooking. Beyond that she has also worked in Corporate Dominica in the areas of Information Technology Systems Management and Marketing.

Like all Caribbean girls Daria was expected to spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen, and from a young age had acquired the skills to rustle up a sumptuous meal for the family. Outside of that she would have spent her entire days swimming in the sea, or in the fields enjoying the mangos, guavas, and other local fruit and produce.

Now a mother of 3, she has honed these skills and is the brain and talent behind our Cooking Caribbean show.

Michael Eugene

A Chemical Engineer by profession, Michael has also been trained in Project Management and Small Business and Entrepreneurial development.
Michael is an outdoor enthusiast in love with the slower pace of living, and together with Daria started Jungle Trekking Adventures and Safaris Inc. (JTAS) in 2005.

More recently he was the Product Development Specialist on the building of the Waitukubuli National Trail, and is the in-house guru for all jungle trekking issues. Michael has also been a Guest Lecturer aboard the Seabourn Spirit.
He is also a Caribbean Tourism Organization Certified Trainer of Tour Guide Trainers, a qualification that puts him in regular contact with varied aspects of Dominica’s tourism product and service providers.

Our journey begun many years ago when we set out with Yaena, Jari, and Yende to experience our island’s hidden treasures and to discover those things that had never been encountered. This adventure took us through the lengths of our rocky island and to encounters with our people, local heritage and traditions.

Our offerings showcase the very best of Caribbean food and rum, island adventure, love and romance, and wellness and healthy living.
Journey with us …….Come experience Dominica … your way!