Segment 6

Castle Bruce to Hatten Garden – 15 km and 7.5 hours

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Points of Interest/Attractions

Traditional Living – Carib Territory
Old Church
Carib Monument and German Cemeteries
Small agricultural farming
Kalinago Artisans

Segment Overview

From the segment start the trail winds down to the Atlantic shoreline providing users with a glimpse of the local vegetation and the steep Atlantic Coastline. The trail climbs along the steep embankment meandering over river crossings and along a trail bed covered with roots and stones.

Encounters with the locals are continuous, the first just 45 minutes after setting off in the hamlet of Sineku, which also boasts the Les CalierTeteChien attraction. The segment continues through littoral vegetation, users meandering from hamlet to hamlet along the old trails – first Mahaut River, (and through the grounds of the Sineku Primary School), then onto Gaulette River hamlet, and then onto the hamlet of St. Cyr (pronounced Sensi). Along the small communities are small craft shops and friendly looking locals all waiting to say hello.
From St. Cyr the trail descends down to the bayside and through an area regarded as being very sacred – including a local shrine, a community cemetery and the Catholic Church.

From here the trail continues on through the KalinagoBaranaAute, (a tourist attraction), before climbing through agricultural fields and emerging at Bataca. At Bataca users take the main highway for the long walk up to Horseback Ridge, cresting for a short breath of air, and then continuing down through agricultural lands in the Pagua Valley – gorgeous views flaunting the ridge way to the right and left, and eventually arriving on the flat area through which the Pagua River flows.

Approximately 7 and a half hours after beginning at Castle Bruce, this segment comes to an end at the Hatton Garden Bridge.

Getting There

Vielle Case the segment start is located along the main Castle Bruce – Pagua highway, at the intersection of the Carib Territory and Castle Bruce.

This area is serviced by public bus, and local information may have to be obtained regarding the bus schedule through this point. Special /private taxi service arrangements are also recommended, particularly if hikers wish to make an early start on this segment.