Segment 3-5

Bellevue Chopin to WottenWaven – 14.9 km and 5.5 hours

Segment 3 of the Waitukubuli National Trail provides the first real glimpse of the MorneTrois Pitons National Park World Heritage Site, and traverses 4 communities known for exotic flora and fauna, and wellness appeal.

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Points of Interest/Attractions

Points of Interest/Attractions
MorneTrois Pitons National Park World Heritage Site
Traditional Living – Giraudel, Morne Prosper, and WottenWaven Villages
DOAM Composting Facility
Small agricultural farming
Giraudel Botanical Gardens and Flower House
MorneAnglais hike
Nature Spas

Getting There

Bellevue Chopin is located approximately 30 minutes from Roseau along the main highway running to Grandbay and the deep South East, and is serviced by public bus and private taxi. The trail head is located at the village entrance and across from the local Catholic Church.

The Communities – Giraudel, Morne Prosper, and WottenWaven

The neighbouring villages of Giraudel and Eggleston are close to Roseau, and are on the foothills of MorneAnglais, the third highest mountain in Dominica. The communities are also adjacent to the UNESCO listed MorneTrois Pitons National Park (MTPNP) World Heritage Site.

With a population of nearly 500, the village of Morne Prosper or what was known before as Dokte, lies on a ridge overlooking the communities of Copt Hall and Trafalgar and with a view of Laudat to the north and Eggleston and Giraudel to the south.

Nestled deep within the heart of the Roseau Valley is the village of WottenWaven. With a population of just 261 people, this tiny community has been traditionally known for its volcanic features and flowers, and is overrun with nature.

Segment Overview

Segment 3 criss-crosses 4 mountain communities located on the fringe of the greater Roseau area, and is situated entirely within the renowned MorneTrois Pitons National Park World Heritage Site. This segment is a collection of the old trails that once connected rural folk and served as the highway along which commerce was conducted.

From the St. Gerard’s Chapel in the tiny mountain community of Bellevue Chopin the trail meanders through pristine tropical rainforest and along old estate trails through the communities of Giraudel and Morne Prosper featuring local village life, crystal clear rivers, exotic flora and fauna, vegetable gardens, quaint miniature farm homes, a botanical garden, and a model composting farm house along the way.

From Morne Prosper, the trail opens up to WottenWaven, considered to be the wellness capital of Dominica. With options for a therapeutic natural hot springs bath, a full body massage, or an encounter with the local mystic healers, this local village experience is the perfect balm for a full day of hiking.

WottenWaven to Pont Casse Round-about – 11.7 km and 6 hours

Segment 4 of the Waitukubuli National Trail is located in the heart land of the MorneTrois Pitons National Park World Heritage Site and showcases primary and secondary forests, local village life, and offers opportunities to view stunning natural landforms. The trail goes through a period of ‘agricultural history’ that traverses 3 villages.

Points of Interest/Attractions

MorneTrois Pitons National Park World Heritage Site
Traditional Living – Trafalgar and Laudat
WottenWavenSulphur Springs
Trafalgar Waterfall
Small agricultural farming
Boiling Lake and Titou Gorge
Fresh Water and Boeri Lakes
Chimen Letang
Middleham Waterfall
Stinking Hole

Getting There

The villages are located within the Roseau Valley area, and are serviced by public bus and private taxi. The trail head is located at the WottenWaven village entrance, located 20 minutes from Roseau.

The Communities –Trafalgar, Laudat, and Sylvania

The villages are located within the Roseau Valley area, and are serviced by public bus and private taxi. The trail head is located at the WottenWaven village entrance, located 20 minutes from Roseau.

A village in the Roseau Valley that takes its name from an estate in the area that was named after the Battle of Trafalgar. This famous naval engagement was fought between the British and French fleets off the coast of Spain in 1805. It resulted in a major British victory and many places around the British Empire were named "Trafalgar" in its honour.

Laudat is a small village in the interior of Dominica located 6 miles from Roseau, and nestled between 3 mountains of Morne Watt, Micotrin, and Trois Pitons. This ridge topped village is named after a french man Pascal Laudat who was granted land at the head of the Roseau Valley in 1805.

Sylvania Estate is situated on the Imperial Road between Springfield and Pont Casse. It was established by Hesketh Bell, the Administrator of Dominica, (1898-1906) as an experimental estate in the rainforest interior. It was part of his scheme to attract British families to invest in agricultural enterprises in the interior of the island. His aim was to use it to demonstrate to these settlers how to grow cocoa, citrus, coffee and other crops. By 1914 his settlement scheme had failed, though Sylvania remained an important citrus estate.

Segment Overview

The route covers part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, MorneTrois Pitons National Park, and showcases in a very real way primary and secondary rainforest, as provides living instruction on biodiversity as well as watershed management. Part of this section is associated with a period of Dominica’s history 100 years ago when many British investors came to Dominica to open up coffee, cocoa and citrus estates in the interior of the island. Many of these attempts failed and the land went back to forest.

The segment starts from WottenWaven village and meanders along the main village road to Trafalgar village, and up to Laudat Village via Morne Jacks - climbing through spectacular secondary rainforest stands and along ridges, and showcasing rainforest while providing stunning panoramic vistas. From Laudat Village, there are opportunities to hike to the Boeri, Fresh Water, and Boiling Lakes.

The Segment continues to the Middleham Visitor area with possibilities for continuing onto the Middleham Falls, TouSanti (Bat Cave), and Cochrane Village. From there it disappears for a jungle adventure through thick rainforest and forest swamp lands with river crossings, gorge climbing, and opportunities for viewing tropical flora and fauna. The segment ends at the Pont Casse Round-about.

Pont Casse to CatleBruce – 12.8 km and 7 hours

Segment 5 of the Waitukubuli National Trail starts at a World Heritage Site and traverses the Old Carib Trace - a Kalinago stone pathway that led through the Emerald Pool and Fond Melle areas and ended at Castle Bruce. This segment displays a mix of fine rainforest, flora, fauna, island traditions, and village life.

Points of Interest/Attractions

MorneTrois Pitons National Park World Heritage Site
MorneTrois Pitons
Traditional Living – Castle Bruce
WNT Research and Interpretation Facility
Small agricultural farming
Jaco Cave
Emerald Pool

Getting There

The Pont Casse Round-about located at the central part of Dominica is the point at which all the major highways from the south, west, east, and north east connect. From Roseau, this is approximately 10 miles (or 30 minutes), from Portsmouth via the west coast highway and through Layou, this is approximately 1 hour.

These routes are serviced by public bus though the schedules may not be very regular and enquiries will have to be made before hand. Private taxi services are however available.

The Communities – Castle Bruce

Castle Bruce is the second largest village in Dominica, and is situated on the eastern part of the island. Named after the British Engineer Captain James Bruce (himself also an Estate owner), many of the key locations in the village today, were once cane fields or factories where slaves worked.

Castle Bruce has a population of approximately 1,600 people, and has been a farming community surviving primarily on agriculture. It is a hub for the surrounding communities and is an important center from which neighboring residents come for church, shopping, banking and other administrative-related matters.

Traditionally the community has been regarded as a center for culture and heritage advancement, known for its strong volunteer spirit developed through Adult Education and Village Council Programmes. More recently however, and as in the case of much of rural Dominica, this spirit and most of the other traditions have been lost in the wake of banana economics and changing fortunes, which in turn have impacted values and life-styles. Agriculture remains the mainstay of the local economy and is practiced mostly among the older generation. The younger generation commutes outside the community to find work in the services sector and in construction.

Segment Overview

Segment 5 runs along the old Carib Trace – an aged Kalinago route that runs from Pont Casse to Castle Bruce that cuts through and opens up lush rainforest, breathtaking vistas, spectacular rivers with deep pools, agricultural farm lands and local village life and traditions.

From the Pont Casse round-about the segment continues through the MorneTrois Pitons National Park World Heritage Site to the Emerald Pool, crossing rivers and rainforest studded with bromeliads, epiphytes, and colorful blooms and flowers and livened by the chorus of birds.

From the Emerald Pool the trail winds down through impressive forest stands and agricultural farm lands before emerging at the highway crossing at Fond Melle. A short walk east along the highway leads back into the rainforest and along the powerful Castle Bruce River crossing over at times with the surrounding terrain while passing through farm lands and stands of wild anthuriams, bromeliads and heliconia and bamboos.

At Savanne David, the trail crosses the longest point of the river and veers back onto the main highway – the start of a long walk that leads along a farm access road and through an area of prime agricultural production that ends up at the village center of Castle Bruce.

The trail follows the local village road for another hour – introducing the church, village life and opportunities to suck up a truly Dominican village experience.