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Segment Overview

The route covers one of the more volcanic areas of the island and traverses a region once known for large scale sugarcane, citrus and cocoa production – today overgrown and wild, with cultivated species of flora and fruit trees.

The segment starts on the narrow isthmus separating the Caribbean and Atlantic on the sleepy fishing village of Scotts Head, and meanders through the community and up WavineCwabier, an area of dry forest stands (and known for its ravine, today dry) where herons and egrets (locally called cwabier species of bird) feast on the local crabs that are plentiful along this trail. The highest point of the trail is 500 meters.

The trail also provides glimpses of local fauna and the many species of birds and butterflies, culture and heritage at the Old French Quarter (ruins of which can be seen along the trail) and the Bois Cotlette estate which features the remnants of estate life and the only windmill powered estate on the island, Dominica’s sulphur springs, as well as spectacular panoramic vistas of the Atlantic coast line, the gentle Caribbean Sea, and neighbouring islands.

The segment ends at the Soufriere Sulphur Springs. ‘Soufriere’ is the French for a place where sulphur exists. When the French were in control of Dominica King Louis XVI ordered that sulphur baths be built here for the troops to bathe in.